Research fees

There is generally no fee for short email and mail responses to queries. Fees apply when a researcher cannot come in person to the Archive and a detailed response is required. The initial research fee, as indicated below, can be waived in special circumstances, especially if the research is for academic use.

All fees must be paid in full before copies and/or research is dispatched.

Cheques, bank drafts or money orders should be made payable to the ‘Schools founded by Erasmus Smith Esq.’. Orders from outside Ireland should be paid in Euro. Foreign currency cannot be accepted. Credit card payments can be made by phone only.

Initial research fee

The initial fee for research is €30.  This fee will pay for up to one hour of research by Archives staff, up to ten photocopies and/or results from the Archives database and dispatch.  Please note that results cannot be guaranteed as detailed searches sometimes do not return sufficient information. Please be sure to enclose your address if you enquire via email.

Additional research fees

Further research can be conducted if required. The duration and cost of research required should be arranged with the Archivist. €30 per hour, 20 cents per photocopy and €2 for dispatch (or equivalent postage costs).

Research requested

Please be as specific as possible. List full names, place names, any alternate or old place names, school name, dates or date range, keywords, etc.

Reprographic and reproduction charges

Copying fees apply for copies of collection photographs, maps, plans and documents which can be ordered from the Archive in digital formats only. Fees relate to size and quantity required.

There is no reproduction charge where items are ordered for personal use only. The reproduction by publication (in all media formats), by transmission or broadcast, or for display in a public area, is subject to the permission of the Board of Governors of the Schools founded by Erasmus Smith Esq. and to the payment of the relevant fee. Permission to reproduce material from the collections must be sought in writing from the Board of Governors of the Schools founded by Erasmus Smith Esq., Archives, ‘Danum’, Zion Road, Dublin 6, Ireland.  The application should contain the following information:

  • The title of the publication and the author and publisher
  • The format of the reproduction
  • Where in the publication the image will be placed
  • The print run of the publication and the target audience

If an image is to be used for television, film or electronic media please request permission via the Archivist, Erasmus Smith Trust Archives, ‘Danum’, Zion Road, Dublin 6, Ireland.  All reproduced photographs must carry the acknowledgement “Courtesy the Board of Governors of the Schools founded by Erasmus Smith Esq.”

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