Finding Aids

Archive Databases

The collection material is catalogued on an extensive database with over 6,500 entries. This data is not available on-line but can be consulted via the Archivist. There is also a past pupils database of High School students dating from 1870 with over 10,000 entries. See

Faithful to Our Trust Book

This book is the most extensive and up to date research conducted into our history. Board registers were extensively used and many myths about the Trust were debunked through original research. The PDF is word searchable and there is an index at the rear. See

Schools Listing and Google Maps of their locations

The list in conjunction with the interactive maps attempts to locate many of the schools funded since the 17th century. The summary page provides basic facts about the life span and grant scheme connected to each school. See

Index Pages from Board Registers

The Board Registers are a primary source of information on all activities and date to 1674 and in 12 large bound volumes. A project has started to digitise the index pages and have this information posted online. The scope of a full digitising is far beyond our resources.

Lists of Schools from Inspector’s Reports

Another project underway is a list of schools inspected from 1875, some of which were not in directly funded. There are over 80 bound volumes of reports by teachers/masters and externally employed inspectors. This list will be made available online also.

Above: This is the only known photograph that show pupils from any of the former English Schools. This is from Doon English School, near Knocknacarriga and Cappamore, Co Limerick, ca 1907. Courtesy Brian Ellis. 

Below, school buildings from recent research correspondence showing what buildings look like today: Kilcooley, Tynan, Tubberkeen, Collon, Clondulane, Burtonport, Prospect Hall – courtesy of copyright owners.